The North Aisle

North West Window  

The North Aisle has four windows on the north wall and one in the west wall above the Children's Corner, all of which are similar to those in the South Aisle, except for the stained glass at the western end.

The turret at the east end is believed to be the original tower for the Anglo Saxon church and contains a newel stone staircase which leads up to the bell ringing chamber and belfry.

In the west wall of the turret is a niche, probably with a piscina (or possibly a stoup) with a trefoil canopy and a stone shelf on which stands a figure of the Blessed Virgin.

In the shelter of the arch of the north nave door stands the weather beaten statue of St John the Baptist, one of the four saintly figures which sits on each corner of the tower atop a flying buttress. This particular statue fell through the roof during storms in 1990 causing considerable damage.
The St John on the tower is a replica.

Did you know?

The word Piscina means literally "fish-pond". In churches it is commonly a niche with a bowl in the base, used historically to wash communion vessels. This suggests that this particular location for a piscina is unusual.



North Aisle

St John     Turret Piscina