The History and Development of the Organ in St Mary's

The present instrument is a development of the original William Gray of 1812, and it was supplied with a long compass Great, a very short compass Swell from tenor g and possibly no Pedal section. 

In 1870 the successors to William Gray, Gray & Davison, enlarged the instrument, this work consisting of a new Great windchest, a new Swell windchest from tenor c and two Pedal stops.  The appearance of the fine Georgian case with the large ogee sweep was affected by the enlarged swell box, a less than architecturally sympathetic console was also added. 

The organ remains much as Gray & Davison left it.  Although of a very pleasing tone the instrument is not effective enough in the nave and beyond. Prior to being dismantled, the organ was in a dangerous state, with much of the pipework in poor condition, found to have been patched, repaired to various levels of craftsmenship, and in need of substantial rescue.