Current Progress

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In March 2019 the Oxford DAC eventually grants its approval to a revised scheme, including additional ranks of pipes and critically removes the previously proposed digital additions. The organ is to be installed in an elevated position close to the east wall of the south transept. It is hoped that work will recommence later in 2019.
Autumn 2018, Paul Hale (also organ advisor to the diocese of Lincoln) is appointed as organ consultant to the project.
Between February 2017 and March 2019 the organ project has been on hold pending a revised faculty (permission) from the Oxford Diocese.
In January 2017 the organ has been removed from the workshop of Peter Collins Ltd for safekeeping by Ian Carter to Cousans Organ Builders, also in Leicestershire, and now awaits approval from the Oxford Diocesan Advisory Committee for the work to continue. Ian was in fact carrying out much of the work on the organ at Peter Collins Ltd and now employs the other technicians who worked at Peter Collins Ltd.
During December 2016 unfortunately Peter Collins Ltd entered voluntary administration/liquidation.
A visit to the workshops in November 2016 revealed work well underway in the restoration of the pipework and the creation of the new soundboards.

These two images show the front and rear of the case which has been reassembled in the workshop.

The black wooden frame is to be replaced to carry the extra weight of the enlarged Great and Swell windchests.

A new panel has been designed to fill the space left by the previous console. Click here to see a copy of the design.

This is the layout for the new soundboard for the Swell section of the organ. The illustration on the right shows how this fits into the structure of the organ.


A completed pallet box, although this one is not destined for the organ in
St Mary's.

Copyright Stephen Bicknell

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Image provided courtesy of Stephen Bicknell

LEFT These are wooden stopped pipes from the Great section of the organ, probably the upper part of the stopped diapason.


RIGHT The lower pipes of the Great stopped diapason.

LEFT Pipes 'queuing' awaiting washing and re-alignment.

LEFT - Swell Cornopean pipes awaiting restoration.


RIGHT - Cornopean pipes washed and restored with new 'boots' packaged for safe transportation.

LEFT - Swell diapason pipes awaiting restoration.



RIGHT - part of the new Swell Oboe which will completement the Swell reed chorus.

Each pipe is painstakingly assessed, washed, and reshaped where necessary. The reed pipes (e.g. trumpet, cornopean, oboe etc.) are provided with new boots, reeds and sliders where required. Bumps and mis-shapes are corrected, and tuning slides repaired or replaced.
As of autumn 2016, the restoration of the pipework is about mid-way through, and work has commenced on the new soundboards, pallets and windchests. A new console is being designed, which will include two new manuals, pedalboard and drawstop action. The console will be seperate from the organ itself, allowing the organist to play from various positions around the church, as circumstances dictate, for services, recitals and concerts.
The original intention was for the organ project to be completed during the autumn of 2016, however following the untimely death of Peter Collins in 2015 and a reorganisation within the organ workshop, our current expectation is that the project will be completed during the summer of 2017.
The organ was removed from St Marys in February 2016 by Peter Collins Ltd, organ builders of Melton Mowbray. A temporary digital organ is in place in the church to lead worship for the time being.