Church Cleaning Rota

2015 Clean in the Week Beginning on Sunday the... Volunteer Team Telephone Number
January 4th Sara and Jo Ader 850328
  11th Ann and David Battersby 852950
  18th Jill Ruck and Jean Gray 852010 and 210061
  25th Sarianne Durie and Barbara Fielding 850912 and 851422
February 1st Stephen Barber and tba 841219
  8th Margaret Williams and Sarah Strouts 850634 and 01367 240889
  15th Massy and James Jamieson 851811
  22nd Beate Howitt and Diane Wintersgill 851123 and 851076
March 1st Pat Robson and Mark Albert 851150 and 852319
  8th Pauline Hawkins and Jill Hall 851066 and 851142
  15th Mary and Dennis Bambury 850091
  22nd Penelope and Martin Kettle 852454
  29th Marylin Smith and Tessa Gladders 844722 and 840840
April 5th Doreen amd Douglas Clare 851716
  12th Eileen and Peter Lloyd 851138
  19th Joy and Rhyddian Edwards 852557

To all teams Thank you all for your hard work over the past months - a job well done.

And a special thank you to the volunteers from the Roman Catholic congregation!

If for some reason you cannot manage your allocated week, please contact another team on the list and arrange a "swap" yourselves. If you still have a problem please contact Doreen Clare on 851716 or 07754 703466.

Please note that the new Henry vacuum cleaner is on the Toilet room and the spray polish and dusters are now stored in the wall cupboard in the Toilet room.

The brooms, brush and dustpans are stored in the Horde Chapel.

The Toilet is now included in the dusting schedule, most particularly the pipes around the lower areas of the walls.

Please tick off the Rota sheet by the church entrance when your cleaning is completed.